Beta Alpha Psi-Theta Kappa

Beta Alpha Psi-Theta Kappa 


Welcome and thanks for visiting. Beta Alpha Psi first made its presence at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1994. Ever since then, we have grown into an academically excelling, fun loving, and diverse group. Beta Alpha Psi is a national honor society, comprising of top financial information students all over the country. Recruiters, universities, and various other organizations look highly upon members of Beta Alpha Psi. 

Beta Alpha Psi has a lot to offer students. If you are considering joining our fraternity, please see the requirements page for more specific details.

These are the main goals of Beta Alpha Psi:

  1. To provide a social environment where students can discuss and share ideas about the Accounting, Finance, and IDS professions.
  2. To expose members to various aspects of business, through guest speakers, office visits, etc.
  3. To organize social events where members can network with fellow students.
  4. To provide community service to the University of Illinois and its surroundings, through free tutoring in basic accounting classes, tax assistance programs, etc.

Please feel free to contact us about membership details or questions related to accounting classes you are currently taking.


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